Craig in the land of the Band of Horses

My college buddy Craig was married this weekend. The wedding was in Mt. Pleasant, SC, current home of Band of Horses (11/1 at the Lincoln Theater, can’t wait).

Anyway, Mt. Pleasant is about a five hour drive for me. Not bad as far as driving goes, but long.

I got there a little after 1:00pm and since the wedding wasn’t until 3:00pm I figured I had plenty of time to shower and dress.

I went into the Hampton Inn to register and was told that there is no rooms available. Now I know official check-in is not until 4:00pm, but who pays attention to that? As you might guess I was a bit pissed and I have to say I made an ass of myself. BUT, I have had a week from hell… I had just driven 5 hours… I had little breakfast and no lunch. To walk in and hear that there was not a single room available (I did have a reservation) was a bit more than I could take.

I asked how long, but the clerk had no idea. I stormed out of the lobby intending to go grab a bite, but I was too pissed to eat. I was sitting in the car studying the map to the church when the clerk popped out and said she now had a room. Amen for that.

I did apologize for my reaction… several times… but it still didn’t make me happy… not having the room when first requested nor my reaction…. but no matter.

The wedding was beautiful as was the reception. It more than made up for my bad week and for the hotel fiasco.  Here’s a picture of the bride and groom.

Apologies for the quality, but I left my camera in the room so all I had was my camera phone.  To Craig and Missy I say congratulations and best wishes for now and always!!!


~ by Genevieve on 2007.09.16.

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