Un Deux Trois, Papercuts and Ladybug Transistor

With college back in session I expected a large crowd for the Un Deux Trois / Papercuts / Ladybug Transistor show at Local 506 on Tuesday night, but it turned out to one of those low key, small crowd affairs.

I didn’t know a thing about Un Deux Trois (and I still don’t don’t), but they were very good for an opening act.  If I had had a little more cash on me I would have grabbed their EP (didn’t know that before I bought my beer). They are definitely worth seeing again.

I have seen the Papercuts and the Ladybug before (with Grizzly Bear and the Clientele respectively).  I thought the Papercuts did a much better job this time… at least I enjoyed them more.  They were minus a keyboard player and I’m not sure it was the same drummer… but either way they played a good set.

As for the Ladybug Transistor, I find this band a joy to listen too (and I like watching Julia play bass).  They just play good music.  It’s simple as that.

My only disappoint for the evening was the end where the Ladybug finished their set and the crowd didn’t respond /recognize it as being the end.  That ended any shot of an encore so it was a bit of a let down after three solid sets of tunes.


~ by Genevieve on 2007.08.23.

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