Stars Of Track and Field

I had planned to go to the Athens Popfest this weekend, but it didn’t work out. So instead I went to the Stars of Track and Field show Friday night at Local 506. SOTAF was the middle act, with William Fitzsimmons opening and Cary Brothers as the headliner.

William Fitzsimmons was a complete unknown to me, but he was quite enjoyable. I was listening to him and trying to think of a proper comparison when he played an Iron and Wine cover… and that’s probably the best comparison I can make.  He’s very good and worth seeing again.

SOTAF were excellent as I expected.  The opening acoustic version of Say Hello was superb and a great transition tune from Fitzsimmons’ set. They played a set of 10 songs:

Say Hello
It was all you had
Breathing ???
Dying of Light
With You
Exit The Recital
In Bright Fire
This Could Break Your Heart
Movies of Antarctica

five of which are new (I think).  It was hotter than hell, so the lights were kept to a bare minimum (and therefore none of camera phone images are worth uploading).  After the set I asked about when we might see a new CD.  Spring of 2008 is a possibility, but I got the feeling that it will be the summer or the fall (unfortunately).

As for Cary Brothers, I’m sorry to say I didn’t stay for his set. Apologies, Cary but it had been a long week and I was pretty much spent.

~ by Genevieve on 2007.08.12.

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  1. […] was Stars of Track and Field. I absolutely loved their prior two releases and their two live shows (Local 506 and Cat’s Cradle). However, I had to force myself to listen to A Time For Lions. Its way, way […]

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