Bitten by the dog

I might be disgusted with the doping scandals of the Tour de France and the steroid usage of Barry Bonds (there is no ‘supposed’ there), but nothing has upset me as much as the dog fighting charges against Michael Vick. I’m all for innocent before proven guilty, but I’d say he’s done based on the information at hand and the stance of the prosecutors. If one of his cohorts testifes goes for a plea bargain and testifies against him (and the others), Vick has played his last game.

Honestly, I think his last game has been played. There will be no recovery from this. I hope he’s invested in money wisely, because no one will touch him now or in the future. He’s got his scarlet letter and that letter is a dog’s paw.

~ by Genevieve on 2007.07.28.

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