As part of switch to Mac I’m using the Parallels sotftware to handle those few tasks that I can’t port to mac (as yet).  I bought this software back in December as part of special they were running for price and upgrades.

By the time my macbook pro arrived Parallels had released version 3. Seeing that had not received my version 3 update email (which was suppose to be automatic), I emailed Parallels.  Their web site stated that there was a three day turnaround for a response.  Three days is pretty bad in my book, but for a free upgrade I can live with that.

Three days came and went with no response (other than the typical autoresponder message which arrived almost immediately).  After a week or more of waiting I said to hell with them and paid for the upgrade.

Then three WEEKS after I had submitted my email I received my FREE upgrade code.  Isn’t that lovely?  The message reported that they had had a technical issue.  Sure. I buy that, don’t you?

I replied stating my case and asking for a refund. No response has been forthcoming (like I really expect to get one).  Frankly, if I didn’t need this software I would tell Parallels where they can stick their product.  Deal with them if you must, be aware that their attention to customer service is severely lacking.

~ by Genevieve on 2007.07.27.

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