Switching (an update)

Well things are going pretty well with the switch from the Microsquish world to the OSX world. I finished moving my mail stores about mid-week (which was a major hurdle). If you have Exchange its MUCH easier, but if you don’t its very tedious. I have trashed my old G3 mac and have removed myself from my old Dell C400 laptop. I’m still working on removing myself from my desktop.

My biggest issue is still the lack of an Oracle client for perl (no client, no DBD). I thought I could manage that through Parallels, but ActiveState perl will not install (says unknown processor or some such rot). My workaround it going to be to blow all my perl scripts over to a linux system and run them from there. That will take care of most of it, but I have one Access database that I load using ODBC and perl. I suspect I’ll have to shove that into Oracle and mod all my scripts to solve that one.

Going back to my comments on Outlook… Outlook appears to be the biggest weakness of switching (really the only weakness for the average user).  Entourage is not Outlook.  I was able to move over most of my data, but some of my custom data fields completely disappeared.  The data is still there — I can check it in Outlook — but it doesn’t show up at all in Entourage.  I also had documents and messages I had dropped into my calendar events (such as flight itineraries).  Those show up as text as the document/message name, but you cannot access them (which is a pain in the ass).  This really isn’t cutting it Microsquish.

Besides the Oracle/Perl issue the only other hurdle I have is iTunes.  I’d like to pull over my existing library files, but I’m not sure it will work (it didn’t on the first try).  My music is on a removable drive so moving the tunes is not the issue.  Its switching from a Windows path to a OSX path.  Its not a critical thing, but I would lose my playlists and the songs I have tagged to ignore. I hope to have this done in the coming weeks (its not a rush).

One last comment… co-workers love the video iChat.  It is amazing how well it works and how easy it is to use.  They’ve seen the hoops you have to jump through in the Windows world and OS X makes it so simple.  The built in camera doesn’t hurt either.  Its really the ideal solution for a person on the road who wants some face time with the family or the office.

~ by Genevieve on 2007.07.21.

2 Responses to “Switching (an update)”

  1. Not wanting to give up on a Parallels/Perl solution I downloaded te .as file instead of the .msi version. It installed fine under Parallels. I’ll try the Oracle client when I get into the office in a little. If that works, then I’ll have a better solution that running off of linux (and be a lot closer to removing myself from my Windoze desktop).

  2. The Oracel 9i client installed without issue under Parallels. I *think* the DBD-Oracle Perl module did as well. Have not tried a script, but I could connect with SQL*Plus so it looks like I’m good on that front.

    I managed to get my Nokia 6102 phone to connect over Bluetooth and successfully sent a file from the phone to the macbook pro. I have not setup syncing of the contacts as yet… mainly because I don’t want my entire contact list in my phone.

    I also managed to manually merge my Firefox bookmarks from the Windoze desktop with those on he macbook pro. Really, that was just a matter of pairing the tags.

    The death of the Windoze desktop PC takes a couple of steps closer…

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