Verizon does not equal innovation

“The one-size-fits-all mentality that characterizes open access regimes for the wireless industry would begin the process of stifling innovation and creativity in our industry…”.

That quote was made by Steven Zipperstein, the General Council for Verizon, in regards to the possible open access requirement for the next wireless spectrum slice.

His statement is a complete farce. There is no doubt of that.  Innovation and the wireless carriers are antonyms; not synonyms.  The multi-function phones they offer are locked down.  The features that are active require that everything pass over their network (where they charge for every single bit).  Consumers are nickle-n-dimed to death.  Take a look at your monthly statement and look how they charge a couple of dollars for this… a couple of dollars for that.  Its ridiculous… and its certainly not innovation.

Verizon is scared to death of open access.  It would absolutely kill their business model, not that this is the only attack they face.  Apple and the iPhone are going to shake things up as well… and I hope severely.

All I can say is… “It’s about damn time.”

~ by Genevieve on 2007.07.15.

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