Does anyone believe Balmer?

I love this article.  Microsoft has sold about seven million windows-based phones (or I should say phones using Microsoft Mobile software).  Not the millions and millions Balmer implied (go throw a chair Steve).  Apple, on the other hand as sold nearly 1 million iPhones in TWO WEEKS.  Ten million in the first year?  That may be too pessimistic.

Lets recap the current state of Balmer-soft…
IPhone is getting all the press.  No one gives a flip about Windows Mobile.  Zune? Stupid name and its not a factor against the iPod brand.  MSN? Non-existant no matter how many times they re-re-re-re-re-re-re-re-re-launch it.  360?  It is a good unit when its not broken (but Nintendo is eating its lunch). Vista (or should I say ME II?)  Office 2007?  Its Office 97 with a new menu system.

Steve, your company your company has lots of cash and lots of employees, but what have you really got to show for it of late? Nothing. You have become the IBM you once ridiculed.

~ by Genevieve on 2007.07.12.

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