Day six random images

I’m pooped. I have no clue how far I walked today, but it had to be several miles. I started the day by heading up to Capital Hill to Sonic Boom. I went up Pine, by the Seattle Community College, by the Cal Anderson Park and then up to the store. I had planned to eat at Bimbo’s Burritos but it appears that no longer exists. I ended up coming all the way back to Pike Place Market and eating at Emmett Watsons again. Their cooler was busted so I had to drink a warm Alaskan Amber Ale (which is better than no Alaskan Amber Ale at all).

After returning to the hotel to drop off my CDs (St. Vincent, Lightning Dust, Fujiya & Miyagi, Miracle Fortress) I headed over to KEXP to pay homage to a great radio station. Coming back I ran into a woman with a corgi so I had to stop and say hello. Cute dog, named Fergie (I should have got a picture).

There are pigs all over the place (including one with wings). Got some cool shots of grill work around some freshly planted trees and there was a brick wall on Pine that had poetry etched into the bricks (I doubt you can see it in the photo).


~ by Genevieve on 2007.07.12.

One Response to “Day six random images”

  1. wow! nice photos =)

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