After sitting through the Web Design World conference, which is one of the better ones for your money, I’ve come to the conclusion that CSS sucks… or really I should say that its support by web browsers sucks. Its utter crap. Garbage.

I watched presentation after presentation illustrating hack after hack after hack to CSS to make a page render correctly in a particular browser. You code this for Firefox… this for Safari… this for IE6, but not IE7… and this for IE7 and not IE6. What the hell is this? This is programming?

I was already aware of most of this having coded the latest version of one of the company sites using CSS extensively, but it all came to a head for me at this conference. Its just bull shit.

On a theoretical level CSS is great. It has the potential to save time, speed up page loading and so on… but the f@#ing implementations suck.  If CSS is a standard then either the browsers should fully support the standard or forget it completely.

Honestly, I found coding prior to CSS a whole easier to get my hands around… granted browser interpolation of HTML wasn’t perfect it was a lot better than the current interpolation of CSS.


~ by Genevieve on 2007.07.12.

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