TIG 5th Birthday

So I went to the Three Imaginary Girls 5th Birthday show. A four band line up of Patience Please, Eux Autres, BOAT and The Shaky Hands. This was an all ages show so it started early i.e. 8:00.

Patience Please was good… lots of energy, but you could tell they were still a young band. They are worth keeping an eye on. I have a few tracks from Eux Austres, so they were not completely unknown to me. They were okay… which is a disappointing thing to write… but they just didn’t generate much energy. I was all set to grab their CD, but their performance left me flat (so I didn’t). BOAT was next and were very good. I did grab their new CD ($10 is a great price). I hate to say I didn’t stay for The Shaky Hands. It was 10:15pm when BOAT wrapped up, but I had no hope of catching a cab, I had a long walk back to the hotel and I was not sure of the neighborhoods I’d be traversing.

p.s. I’m pretty sure I saw Liz of TIG, but I didn’t catch a glimpse of the other two (or if I did I didn’t realize it).

~ by Genevieve on 2007.07.08.

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  1. […] Shaky Hands was the middle act.  I almost caught these guys in July of 2007 when they were a headliner for a show at the Vera Project in Seattle.  I saw Boat at that show, but had to leave early. Any way, I like some of the songs a […]

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