With the arrival of my MacBook Pro I have started the slow process of migrating from Windoze.  I’ve got two Windoze computers… a desktop and a laptop… each running a dozen or more different packages.   The goal is to eliminate both and live of the MacBook Pro (I’ve already eliminated my old G3).

I got my cross grade for Adobe.  No issues.  Quark is now delivered supporting both platforms.  No issues there.   Found a good FTP client in CyberduckAdium for multiple IM support (its a shame iChat doesn’t support MSN).  Firefox is a given.  Audio Hijack Pro, Smultron, Web Devil and so on.  There are Mac equivalents for just about everything…

… except Oracle.  I really need Perl DBD-Oracle support, but I’ve yet to find a way to get it.  There’s an Oracle 10g client, but we’re still on Oracle 9.  There’s a developer’s download, but its expecting OSX server… and its the hole bloody database.  I just need the client.  Oracle is a big disappointment.  I can work around this, but it will alter my normal work strategy.

The native NFS support in OSX is a boon.  That will save a lot of grief.  My MS UNIX tools version died on me and I never could resurrect it… it was a hack at best.

My biggest obstacle now is migrating from Outlook 2003 to Entourage.  There is no simple way to do this and if you google for help you will find dozens of suggestions.  I’m going with two packages.  One from Little Machines for the mail and one from Paul Berkowitz for everything else.  I’ve tested both on a small scale and they work.  For little investment, they are well worth it compared to some of the other methods suggested.

I’ve also got to give up my Newsgator Outlook software, which may be the biggest lose of all.  Its a great package the integrates seemlessly with Outlook.  I’ve going to try their NetNewsWire package.  It looks good, but it will not be the same.

I really wanted to have this done before Seattle, but I simply ran out of time.  In true nerd style I’m going to take my Windoze laptop and the MacBook Pro in case I have a little (or a lot of airport down time).  I also want to try the iChat video on the road.

Comments on additional OSX software is welcome.


~ by Genevieve on 2007.07.06.

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