I went to the US Air web site late today to print my boarding passes.  What do I find?  My travel agent has failed to get me assigned seats for any of my flights.  Not good… not good at all.

In a panic I run up to her office only to find that she is not in.  I call her main office and lucky someone is available.  She’s able to get me a aisle seat to Charlotte, but I’m stuck in a middle seat from Charlotte to Seattle and then again in the middle from Charlotte to Philly.  Just f@#$ing lovely… at least I have a seat….  BUT I have no seat from Philly back to Greensboro.

This will be Friday night… in the summer… in Philly.  I have no hope in hell of getting home on Friday night.  Every time I have gone through Philly I have been delayed. Its a cursed airport for me.

The corporate person tells me that the airline has a hold on all available seats. She can’t do a thing.  I jump back on the US Air web site and do the online chat.  They can’t do anything either and tell me to try 24 hours before the flight.  Just lovely.

To US Air’s credit she did add this trip to my frequent flyer miles (which was also overlooked by my travel agent).

I booked this flight months ago to avoid shit such as this and it still happened. I hope this is not a bad omen for the rest of my trip.


~ by Genevieve on 2007.07.06.

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