A thunderous buzz of smugness

Microsquish unveiled two new services this week.. YAWN.  Like anyone took notice with all the hype over the iPhone.  If they were hoping to still a little thunder with this announcement, I would say they were sorely disappointed. Google, on the other hand, did manage to generate some buzz with an enhancement to Google Maps (GM)… the ability to customize directions on-the-fly.  GM is killing the mapping competition… assuming there still is any competition in mapping.

But back to the iPhone… I still can’t believe Verizon was stupid enough to turn down a deal over the iPhone.  This will be one that will come back to haunt them (and their overly smug COO).

Lastly, in a move that has the music bigwigs running scared, Prince is giving away copies of his latest CD.  I’ve never been a big fan, but I think this is a smart move seeing that his music doesn’t get the airplay that it once did.

~ by Genevieve on 2007.06.30.

One Response to “A thunderous buzz of smugness”

  1. Here’s a good article on Prince giving away his CD…


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