Yahooing? MSNing?

Could part of the struggle Yahoo and MSN have in going against Google be partially blamed on their name?  I was riding home from work a little while ago — yes, I do go in on many Sundays — when I heard the term “Googling” twice in an interview on NPR.  Name me one time when you’ve heard or read someone use “Yahooing” or “MSNing”?

I will grant you that Yahoo is a good name, but its not a name that rolls off the tongue when you make it a verb.  Your company has arrived when your brand name is used as a verb.  Its a marketer’s dream.

As for “MSNing”, who in their right mind would say that?  Its a loser search engine, with a loser name.

~ by Genevieve on 2007.06.24.

2 Responses to “Yahooing? MSNing?”

  1. I completely agree. Google seemed like such a strange little word at first, but as you say, it’s truly made it into our vernacular.

  2. […] Much Trouble In my post of 6/24 I talked about the how brands can reach the magical point of becoming verbs (as in ‘googling’). There’s also another aspect that can sustain a brand. I call it […]

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