Ups and Downs

How far will Bush’s approval rating drop? I’m guessing that it will eventual drop below Nixon’s if he continues with his current strategy (and since he knows know other its bound to happen).

In a side note, you should absolutely positively put your hands on a copy of Lee Iacocca’s book Where Have All The Leaders Gone? It rips Bush up one side and down the othe (and rightfully so). Give him hell Lee (as more of us should).

Google continues to drive nails in the search engine coffins of Yahoo, MSN and the remaining dregs.   I see nothing to stop them except themselves (much like Apple).

In another Microsquish disaster it appears the squishers have resulted to begging to get people to migrate to Vista.  MS can spin the numbers any way they like, but Vista has not delivered the sales they expected.

I’m still waiting on my new MacBook Pro.  Latest eta is the 18th of July (which seems like an eternity when your laptop is a 5-6 year od Dell Latitiude (out of warranty).

Jumping back to Apple, they are now the third largest music retailer.   I think that’s absolutely amazing considering all they are selling are 1’s and 0’s.  It shows how much the public has become accustomed to not have a physical CD to hold in their hands or put on a shelf.

I’ll close with the best news of the week… the dropping of bloatware by Dell on new PCs.  There is nothing worse than purchasing a new PC only to crank it up and find it loaded with bullshit software.  My first move has always been to reformat and load from scratch, but it appears I’ll no longer need to go that route (of course with the MacBook Pro its a moot point anyway).

~ by Genevieve on 2007.06.23.

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