Dreams, nightmares and stupidity

It appears that sexual dreams only make up about 8% of all our dreams. That’s depressing and a relief at the same time (because that would be about the correct percentage for me). Now sexual fantasies are a totally different animal… and then there are utter nightmares. No candidate currently running scares me more.

Stupidity appeared to be in vogue this week with these couple of gems.

First up was Dell, who failed to learn the lesson of the Internet — ignoring things make them go away much faster than pointing them out.  There’s interesting reading in that post, but there’s certainly nothing there that I would consider a trade secret.

Second up were the lawmakers of Delcambre, Louisiana with their bill that bans the wearing of baggy pants.    This one will not hold up in court is did nothing but declare the town to be governed by morons.

I’ll close with the o’so disappointing news that Kelly Clarkson is canceling her summer tour lack of ticket sales.  Who would have thunk it?

~ by Genevieve on 2007.06.17.

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