A Feist-y Grizzly Bear

So I went to the Gizzly Bear/Feist show the other night at the Carolina Theater. Great place for show, particularly for the style of music played by these two. I had bought my tickets back when they first came available, but I had no idea where the seats were located (will-call). Turns out we were front row center with only the orchestra pit between us (Amy was with me) and the stage.

Grizzly Bear opened right at 8:00 (gotta love starting on time). I’ve seen GB before and knew this would be an ideal environment for their harmonies. Josh (who was also there) was a little suspect of them after seeing them at Coachella, but he was swayed after this performance. These guys continue to get better and better.

Feist. Oh me, what can I say about Feist? She’s great. Its simple as that.

Quite honestly, I’ve never been a big fan of her CDs because I don’t think they do justice to her talent. Her voice just demands a live venue. I saw her with Jason Collett at the Cat’s Cradle (pre-blog days) and have loved her ever since. I’ve worn out the 1’s and 0’s from her appearance at KCRW in June of 2005. If she comes to your area, don’t hesitate. GO.

I took the real camera this time, but the pictures are not much better. There was no flash photography so I — actually Amy — had to put the camera in night time mode to capture anything. I also forget that it takes a couple of seconds for the camera to capture the image so most of my shots are blurry. A photographer I am not.

BTW, the heads you see in the shots are the folks in the orchestra pit. After the second or third song Feist asked folks to come forward so as you can see a bunch of people did.  Luckly, we still had a good view since the pit was lower than our seats.

~ by Genevieve on 2007.06.17.

One Response to “A Feist-y Grizzly Bear”

  1. you can never judge a band by a festival performance

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