Summer Lawns and Will Stratton

Since I started this blog a little less than a year ago, I’ve had a couple of interesting e-mails about my posts, including one that supplied me with a free t-shirt (thank you very much).

Anyway, for my post on the The Annuals/Blonde Redhead show, I was contacted by someone handling publicity for The Annuals. This person was okay my perspective on the band (they didn’t do much for me), but was interested to see if I would give some of her other bands a listen. I thought about it and agreed.

So here are my first comments about the other bands.

Let me state that I’m no music reviewer and certainly not a literary wonder. Two to three times a year a write something half way decent. Everything else could be better done by a room full of monkeys.

But I digress (again) …

Summer LawnsFirst We Waited, Then It Started is the first CD I would recommend. I hate comparing bands, but I know of no other way to describe them. I would put this group in the category of Shearwater and Grizzly Bear (minus the harmonizing vocals). There are probably better comparisons, but those were the first bands that popped into my mind. They’re a little more reserved, but its good stuff none the less. Piano Song, Transmission and Choke are my favorites.

The next CD is from from Will Stratton and its entitled What The Night Said. If you like a laid back, folky sound… say Nick Drake, Iron and Wine or Pete Yorn (from Musicforthemorningafter period) you should like this. Its great for lazy Sunday afternoon when you’ve curled up with a good book.  Give it a listen (starting with Sonnet, Oh Quiet Night and Night Will Come).


~ by Genevieve on 2007.06.03.

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