Where’s the beef?

The beef is with the condiments (or lack there of). What is it with Wendy’s and chili? Remember the finger incident of a year or so ago. Now this. Maybe Wendy’s should drop chili from its menu. It might save them future embarrassment.

In another case of missing beef — beef as in substance — I turn to Real player. Its become a non-entity in the world of iPods and Zunes. Its a non-player and rightly so. Between Quicktime/iTunes, Windoze media player, Flash video and Real, I put Real last. The only reason I install it is for the few people who still publish under its format (and those are dwindling). Short of this article I can’t think of the last time I’m even seen it mentioned.

From no substance to no clue I jump to Verizon who in a pathetic attempt to survive the iPhone assault is making a Prince tune free for download. Do they honestly think a single track by Prince would sway anyone? How stupid can you be?

Really stupid in some cases. Since I’ve taken this post to Florida let me say that I was all fired up to praise the President of the U of Florida for pushing for a football playoff, but instead he turned out to be a tow-the-line weenie. Remember this flip-flop when you’re sitting at home NOT playing the game that counts. Things like this come back to haunt you.

Much like this group come election time. You can be sure the reps from my state will NOT be receiving my vote (assuming they are in my district).   That’s my beef thank you.

~ by Genevieve on 2007.06.02.

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