Scavenging for something healthy

Coming back from Cleveland the other night I had a brief layover in Charlotte.  Not finding anything eatable in the Cleveland airport I started canvasing the Charlotte airport as I made my from one terminal to the next.  The choices were poor to say the least.  Lots and lots of fast food with lots and lots of fat.  Pizza Nuts, Burger Thing, and the deadly Cinnabon with their 10k calorie killers.  There was BBQ and Quiznos.  Where the hell was something for the health conscious person?

I started to get a smoothie at Yovana — got one flying out — but the line was too long.  I finally found a restaurant on Concourse C called Fresh Attractions.  I could get grilled chicken sandwich on whole wheat with a decent selection of toppings.  Not too bad and definitely healthier than the other choices.

I should have googled the airport beforehand.  There appears to be a few places  where a person could possible get something healthy.


~ by Genevieve on 2007.05.27.

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