Those are fighting words

They may be fighting words, but they are right on target. I knew there was a reason I liked Carter (and voted for him). I have a feeling that as the Bush presidency winds down we’re going to hear more and more of these statements. I just wish it was over already.

There have been several stories on the Landis case this week including the bombshell that Lemond dropped in his court testimony. There is no recovery for Landis short of undeniable proof that someone tampered with his samples (and I don’t think that’s going to be discovered).

This little exchange pretty much ends it for me:

“I would hope and encourage you to come clean,” LeMond said he told Landis.

“What good would that do,” LeMond said Landis replied. “If I did, it would destroy a lot of my friends and hurt a lot of people.”

That was the wrong response on Landis’ part. There should have been a strong denial in his response. Instead, you get a hint of guilt (whether he is guilty or not). As I have said before, its a sad case but doping has no place in sports.

Right, Barry? Bonds may break Aaron’s home run record, but I will never, ever recognize it (to repeated repeat myself). Nor will I recognize any baseball records broken in the last decade or so (short of Cal Ripken). They’re all tainted in my mind and baseball’s continued stance to obstruct any investigation just continues to enforce this.

BTW, I salute Hank for ignoring Barry. He should be ignored.

Something else to be ignored is Microsquish who continues to spew forth FUD as part of their primary business model.  This may have worked in their golden years, but users no longer buy into statements such as this.  Its a blatant shakedown… nothing more.  They know they are losing ground to linux and they know there is little they can do to prevent it (its hard to compete against ‘free’ as Netscape learned the hard way).

I still think Micrsquish is doomed… not necessarily as a company… but doomed as they currently exist and operate.  BOOM!

~ by Genevieve on 2007.05.20.

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