The Polyphonic Spree

Three shows in four days is a bit much for an old guy like me, but I couldn’t pass this one up. Having little exposure to The Polyphonic Spree I was not sure what to expect other than a large band.

I’m really not sure how to describe it. A musical? An opera of sorts? Amazing? Absolutely.

Everyone should see this group at least once in their life. There were 22 people on stage if I counted correctly. Let me see… a drummer, a percussionist, harp, two horns, trombone, flute, bass guitar, two guitars, two violins, cello, piano, synthesizer/electronics, a six member chorus and of course Tim DeLaughter. If I left anyone out I apologize, but it was a small stage.

The core set saw the group dressed in the Fragile Army fatigues. For the encore they switched to their traditional robes (see the pictures). Tim was all over the place with enough energy for all 22 members. He used a ramp on the stage that would almost put him to the ceiling. At a couple of points he was in the audience (one time right with me). I’ve got to start taking my real camera because I sure missed a lot with the camera phone.

As I said above it was a lot like a musical or an opera… which makes it a little different… but well worth it. By all means go if they come your way.

p.s. Not sure what happened, but the opening act of The Pierces did not show.  Disappointing, but the show more than made up for it.

~ by Genevieve on 2007.05.14.

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