On Thursday I was at the Bowerbirds / The Ladybug Transistor /The Clientele show at the Cats Cradle. Overall a good showing for all three.

The Bowerbirds were an interesting mix with their acoustic guitar, violin, bass drum and accordion. A couple of good songs in the set with enough substance to win my approval.

With regards to Ladybug… some of the band members were tossing football in the parking lot beforehand. For whatever reason I ended up in the toss for a couple of throws. Maybe I looked like a lonely soul… who knows? Anyway, I should have been paying more attention because when they took the stage I realized that the bass player (Julia?) was playing bass for Essex Green when they were last here. She’s quite good and has a distinctive style of playing. It just didn’t click in my mind until they launched into the first song.

There were some definite ‘Essex’ sounds to this band (I’ve not had time to google on this, but maybe there are other Essex members in the group).  Good stuff.  I hate I didn’t get their CD, but I didn’t have enough cash on me :-(

The Clientele were excellent with their laid back sound, particularly with Alasdair Maclean’s guitar playing.  It just seemed to for the mood for the evening. I also liked the addition of Mel Draisey on violin and keyboard… (and she got an accent that could sway a man… I swear). I did get their CD with the last of my dollars (thanks for offering it $12!).

On the crowd… which I have realized I will never understand… for the Bowerbirds there were not many people there as yet but no one was at the stage. I cannot think of a show where someone… anyone… was not leaning on the stage (other than Dean & Britta which was a seated show). For Ladybug, the crowd only managed to get with in ten feet of the stage. It was like an invisible forcefield had been erected. Finally, when the Clientele took the stage a handful of folks managed to make their way forward. It was very strange.

I was sat on the stage left subwoofer(?) the entire time… frankly, enjoying the view and the music.

~ by Genevieve on 2007.05.12.

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