Where will it end?

I see a day coming when the primaries to elect a president will be held the day after the current one is elected… when is this leap frogging going to stop? The reasoning is understandable as each State wants to have a say in the nomination process. Those in the beginning generally do have more influence than those at the end, but we are quickly racing towards the beginning and end being the same day. I can’t see that being the solution, although it may come to that to end this mess.

I’ve stated before that I give Giuliani credit for appearing in public in drag, but he lost any hope of getting my vote when he called Bush a great president. This was nothing more than a ploy to win over that 28% of the populace who still think Bush is doing a good job (heaven help them). For me, he’s done. Next candidate please.

Something else that will never end is this country’s fascination with guns. We are a gun loving nation, but this week’s stance from the NRA certainly takes the cake. Does the NRA realize what an utterly asinine they appear? And this particularly insensitive with the recent tragedy at Virginia Tech. Andy Partridge was right.

Moving on the the tech world… or maybe its ‘wreck’ world this week… I read that Vista (or Millennium Edition II as its starting to be known) just loves batteries. Considering laptop sales are the big growth sector and laptops are used primarily by management types, this is not a good group to piss off with poor battery performance. A manager doesn’t give a sh@$ about so-called security enhancements or the Aero interface… they just want access to email and long battery life. What a blunder on MS’s part (among many).

Of course the stupidity of that design can equally be matched by AOL-ful. Want a longer password than 8 characters? No problem. Type away… but BTW, we lop off everything past character 8. Wonder how many accounts were hacked by this gapping hole?

Ah… a gaping hole. That would be hole the AACS is trying to plug with the proliferation of the HD-DVD crack code. The genie is out of the bottle and there is no hope of putting her back. This is just another fine example of why DRM is a complete waste of time. There is nothing that can be created that can’t be cracked. Its fruitless.

As fruitless as trying to sell a music subscription service.  Humans are collectors.  Stamps, baseball cards, dolls, guns (for the NRA) and so on.   Give us access to everything at once and we don’t know how to handle it.  We are completely lost.

We like to start small and build on it.  One of mantras with regards to projects is start small. Bite off a small continent first.  Make that work before taking on the whole world.  Otherwise, you’ll never see the end.

~ by Genevieve on 2007.05.06.

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