Blonde Redhead

Last night was the Annuals/Blonde Redhead show at the Cat’s Cradle. I was totally unfamiliar with the Annuals and had only heard a couple of songs from Blonde Redhead (liking the former enough to go). The Annuals are a six person band from Raleigh and while they put on a good show I just couldn’t find a hook. There just wasn’t anything there for me to grab on to. I hate to say that, but we all have our own tastes and unfortunately they’re not one of mine (they did have very cool t-shirts).

As for Blonde Redhead they put on a good show as well but they had the musical hooks to pull me in.  Their rendition of “23” (the name of their CD as well) was excellent, getting decent head bobbing from the crowd (which is not all that common at the CC).  I would have bought the CD, but $15 was a little too much.  I’ll grab it off of iTunes and save a few dollars.

Apologies for the really, really crappy camera phone shots.  I had a lousy location at the stage that put me in direct line with a stage light.


~ by Genevieve on 2007.05.06.

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