John Vanderslice

This is part two of my post about the St. Vincent/John Vanderslice show at Local 506 (I took so many pictures that I felt I should split the posts to cut down on the number of images per entry). Anyway… if you get a chance to see John Vanderslice, go. Don’t hesitate. Go. It would be well worth your time and investment.

How many shows do you attend where the star’s mom comes on stage? How many shows have a guest bass player who’s a fan (John was offering this opportunity on his web site). How many shows pull people from the audience to sing backup on a song? And lastly, how many shows end with the band playing the final song down in the crowd?

I was up at the stage and about a foot away from Dave(?)’s drum kit. It was just John and Dave with a couple of songs from guest violin player Dan and a few at the end with Annie Clark on bass (plus the fans additions I mentioned earlier).

Simply awesome. I don’t know of a better way to describe it.

There’s Dan playing violin in the back (below).

Here’s John and his mom.

Here’s the fan playing bass (sorry, I can’t recall your name… Alex maybe?)

This was shot during a solo song by John.

Here’s Annie playing bass (in a change of clothes and hair styles).

Here’s the last shot with John, Dave and Annie standing down in the crowd playing the last song.

~ by Genevieve on 2007.04.29.

One Response to “John Vanderslice”

  1. Here’s a post of John’s show at the Modified on May 9th:

    If he comes to your town you must find a way to go see him (and hopefully also St. Vincent).

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