A Scandel in Bohemia (and elsewhere)

We should be so lucky to have something as neat and tidy as a Sherlock Holmes story. Unfortunately, we have our President and his numerous scandals. Is it me or do we seem to have reached a point where each week introduces us to a new one? I know most politicians do not want to play the impeachment card — that can come back to haunt your party when your man is in office — but that is exactly what he and several members of his staff deserve.

At least there are couple of law makers that have a bit of brains (even if is for only one issue). The recent move by the Copyright Royalty Board to stick it to Internet radio stations is the slap in the face to this fledgling industry and to anyone with half a brain. Either this board is occupied by complete idiots or they all have stock in the big record companies (or both). I sure hope they are able to get their bill passed because Internet radio stations are a great source for discovering new music. You’re not going to get that on any Clear Channel station. Those are all crap.

Bought a new computer recently… or really anytime in the last couple of years? Notice all the crapware that comes preloaded? I’ve always been one to immediately reformat the hard drive and load only what I need. I certainly don’t need a hard drive full of offers and services I don’t need or want… particularly if there are pre-installed and eating up CPU resources.

The same result can happen by installing all the garbage that comes with any printer, camera etc. None of these companies have any clue as to how to write software, but they sure deliver a ton of it with your peripheral. If I get a printer all I want is a print driver. I don’t want a photo editing program, or a photo gallery program, or a program that will check for updates every 30 seconds and so on. I just want to print (which is a simplicity that has been lost in the shuffle).

I think there a lot of users that are having the same thoughts (about simplicity) because I’m not seeing many users rushing out to get Vista. If anyone asks for my opinion, I’m telling them to avoid it like the plague.  Its an Itanic disaster unto itself.

I have no plans to upgrade and no plans to purchase a new PC with Vista.  There’s nothing there to justify the expenditure.  My home PC and server are doing just fine as they are (both running w2k).  I have no problems with this configuration so why should I throw a solution at a non-existent problem? You tell me, Mr. Balmer.

~ by Genevieve on 2007.04.29.

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