The make-up test was a failure

Floyd Landis is quickly losing any hope of regaining his title, his credibility or his innocence. The results from the second testing of the “B” sample are not good. Its sad state of affairs that appears to have no happy ending in site.

I would really like to see another independent lab perform the tests again on all available samples… a lab that both sides can agree will be impartial and one where both parties are present. I’m sure Floyd is pushing for this, but doubt the lab is because that would put their credibility on the line (as opposed to Landis’).

I  also suspect the Tour de France organizers wish all of this would just go away… but its not anytime soon.

~ by Genevieve on 2007.04.24.

One Response to “The make-up test was a failure”

  1. The current tests did nothing useful, as the confirm only that LNDD can run tests the same way multiple times. It is under dispute whether any of them are done correctly.

    While it would be nice to run the tests at another lab, that can’t be done, since they were all destroyed in the testing.

    How convenient.

    More details at trust but verify.


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