A Sunday’s worth of ramblings

Anyone who has ever heard me speak knows that I tend to ramble… especially if I’m doing public speaking. In keeping with that trait (good or bad), here’s some quick takes on a diverse group of subjects…

One of the first topics I posted on for this site was Floyd Landis. I read this week where they’re performing a re-test of his “B” sample. Frankly, in the eyes the public this is a waste of time. Positive or negative, few people are going to change their minds.

If its negative it may save his cycling career and possibly allow him to keep his Tour de France victory, but beyond that little will change. The whole sport, not just Landis, has been tainted and its going to take years for that taint to fade.

Three cheers for my old university for standing up to the RIAA. The RIAA is nothing more than a group of thugs taking pot shots at consumers. They are doing more damage than good, but if they did nothing what would be there point of their existence? I suspect the big record companies know the RIAA hurts them more than it helps, but if they dissolve the RIAA it would be admitting defeat (which is forgone conclusion).

Speaking of defeat let me mention our pathetic and embarrassing Attorney General Alberto Gonzales. Does anyone anywhere think this man has an ounce of credibility? Oh, yes. I forgot. Our equally embarrassing President. Bush will never ask him to resign nor will he fire him. Much like the RIAA it would be admitting defeat. If Gonzales has any integrity at all left he will resign.

At least Harry Reid has some integrity. I salute you sir for having the balls to public state the obvious. The war in Iraq is lost and has been lost pretty much from day one. This is no failing at all from our troops (which have done quite well under the circumstances). It all goes back to the man (questionable term) at the top and his utter lack of understanding of the situation (which continues to this day).

Lacking even less understanding is the desperate John McCain. I had respect for this man at one time and would have certainly voted for him over Bush, but there is no way in hell I would vote for him now. He’s trying so hard to be Bush i.e. deny the truth and hope that everyone will by your story. The problem here is Bush is President (which gives him a certain level of credibility) and McCain is not. Stick a fork in him. He’s done.

Speaking of candidates I keep wondering when they’ll be a stink about Giuliani’s little escapades in drag. I have absolutely no problem with this at all… in fact, I think it gives him a bit of character… much like Clinton and his saxophone playing. I would certainly not hold it against him as a candidate, but I suspect many folks will as the race goes along.

Microsquish is so hoping that the public will find the iPhone irrelevant, but thats going to be a false hope for them (much like McCain’s presidential bid). They can bad mouth it all they like, but it will only fuel the fire for its demand. I want it to succeed because the whole phone industry needs to be shaken from its crappy business model… the model of give away the phones but ream users of charges and fees. If… and this is a big ‘if’… it syncs to Exchange, everything will change.

Microsquish really should quit fretting over the iPhone and spend more time on speeding up the Vista clunker. What with Dell offering XP again, the Microsquishers cannot be happy campers. But what should they expect? For the tried and true gamers (which I am not) games run slower on Vista… so why would anyone want it? Once word like that trickles down the joe average consumer, they’ll start avoiding it like the plague.

Finally and most regrettably I have the disappointing news that the appeals for the Internet radio royalties were denied… which to me has to be either complete incompetance of those making the decisions OR someone is someone else’s pocket.   I’m sure Clear Channel is jumping for joy.  Heaven forbid that we miss the one millionth playing of a Clay Aiken’s song (or whatever the latest garbage is from American Idol).  This is one time I really hope Congress steps in and does the right thing (but I’m not counting on it).

After a brief lull, I have the John Vanderslice show this week so look for some crappy phones shots next weekend.

~ by Genevieve on 2007.04.22.

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