Dean & Britta

Last nights was the Cortney Tidwell / Dean & Britta show at the Cats Cradle. This was labeled a ‘seated show’, which left me puzzled when I read it on the schedule. Turns out ‘seated show’ meant a dozen or show chairs arranged around cafe tables. It was actually cool, because it gave the show a relaxed atmosphere. It was eerie when Cortney played because it was so quiet. That’s wasn’t from a lack of a crowd, it was just everyone giving their full attention. It was pretty much the same for Dean & Britta, although the crowd was a bit more raucous between songs (in a good way).

I didn’t know what to expect from Cortney. I wouldn’t say Country, but I wouldn’t say Rock either. Maybe something in the vein of what Emily Haines has done with Knives Don’t Have Your Back. She would make a good show pairing with Jeff Klein. Very somber, but excellent. I bought her EP.

Dean & Britta were great.. sort of low key kind of style… very enjoyable. I would definitely go see them again . I bought their CD too… would have liked to gotten a shirt, but funds are low this month.

Crappy photo time:

~ by Genevieve on 2007.03.25.

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  1. […] was $15 at the show which was just a tad too pricey for me).  Dean & Britta I saw back in March so I knew what to expect from their set (don’t take that is a negative).  They’re […]

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