The pluses and minuses of saying hi to your mom

Amy and I attended the Say Hi To Your Mom / +/- (Plus/Minus) show at the Duke Coffee House last night. Interesting place, with its own unique charm.

We both arrived early because we figured there would be a line (tickets were only $7 and it was FIFO), but there wasn’t one. We ended up paying and then walking around to kill time. We also found out that SHTYM had not arrived as yet (it was around 8:00pm). Once doors opened we went in and hung out.

It was around 9:30… 9:45 when SHTYM drove up (bless you). They hurriedly set up and jumped right into their set. I *think* it was about 8 to 10 songs pulling tracks from the four CDs. I got to hear Let’s Talk About Spaceships, but Amy didn’t get to hear Angels and Darlas. We both wished they would have played longer, but honestly we were both just happy they showed. T-shirts and stickers for both of us.

I had no idea what to expect from +/-. I had only heard one song, so I didn’t have much to go on. They turned out to be really good. Kind of hard to describe, but thats a good thing. I bought one of their CDs and Amy got one of their shirts.

What else? Hmm… the Rosebuds were in the audience. Amy spotted them before I did but its hard not to overlook the height of Ivan Howard. Eric of SHTYM said he hopes to have a new CD out in the fall, but that’s not definite. Good sized, easy going crowd which was cool. Clean bathrooms too!

Here are my crappy phone shots. Amy had a real camera so I’ll post better images at a later date.

~ by Genevieve on 2007.03.24.

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  1. […] think Eric from SH remembered me from the March show at the Duke Coffeehouse. He’s a nice guy so go up and say hello if you get a chance. Band members are Nouela […]

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