I had my two month (and then some) check-up yesterday. This was a follow-up to see how I was doing in bringing down the dreaded cholesterol. My first reading in December… first in probably 15 or so years… was high for the LDL (at 166). The doctor gave me two months to bring it down or it was the meds for me.

I’ll do just about anything to avoid meds so I’ve been reading food labels like mad. Anything with a high cholesterol value was out. I haven’t had a burger since December. Same for the traditional American pizza. Its been lots of salads, high fiber breads and other veggies as I could manage. Fish yes, but other meats in very small amounts.

Exercise? Absolutely. I’ve been walking the dog pretty much every day and riding the trainer bike 3-4 times a week.

So the result? Cut the LDL by almost 34 points. I’m now at the bottom end of the ‘low risk’ category and no meds for me.

I still think the whole cholesterol thing is a scam of sorts… or maybe it would be better to say I don’t think its fully understood… but no matter. I’ll take my new, hard earned number and be happy. I’m having a beer to celebrate (thanks Hal).


~ by Genevieve on 2007.03.21.

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