So Amy and I went to the Viva Voce/Shins show at the Millennium Center in Winston-Salem last night. It was so-so… not the company… the show.

The Millennium Center is an interesting and appealing building, but it was a lousy place for a show. Unless you were up close to the stage you couldn’t see a thing. We were actually close early on, but we were also directly in front of the speakers (a no go). We then moved over to the other side, but beyond the speakers (see first 3 images). We could see part of the stage, but not all of it. So then we moved to the back (last 2 images). Neither location was ideal, but it was the best we could do (Josh didn’t appear to be having any better luck as we found him watching from the lobby on our way out).

I should also mention there was only one bathroom available… and a small one at that. I can’t believe the health inspector passed this for a crowd that large.

Sound was fair to bad. From the back you could not understand a word of the in-between song banter.

Viva Voce was good. Glad I got to see them (well, hear them). Shins were good also, but I really think they lacked some of the charm that makes them the Shins (the venue and the sound quality played into that).

We didn’t stay for the encore. After waiting about an hour in line and another hour for the show to start (show started at 9:00 and not 8:00 as printed on the tickets), we were pooped.


~ by Genevieve on 2007.03.11.

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