ARGH! Its got to be da pirates

Right, Steve.  Vista sales suck because of overseas pirates.  It couldn’t be the multitude of flavors so confusing (and stupid) that it boggles the mind.  It couldn’t be the price tag.  It couldn’t be the lack of innovation… or the long wait… or the ridiculous hardware requirements… or the lack of drivers… or… well…  the fact that for the majority of users who spend most of their day checking email and surfing the web Vista just doesn’t offer anything worth their time or money (much less the headaches of upgrades).

Of course you’ll get your money in the end.  You’ll make users walk the plank to the Vista sea as you yank the support for XP.  Users don’t need Vista, but you don’t care about that. Users needs and wants have never been a Microsquish thing. Its the sales the count in your treasure chest.  Every bloody one.

If anyone is the pirate its you.

~ by Genevieve on 2007.02.19.

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