The first show of 2007

Attended my first show of 2007 last night at the Cat’s Cradle. Georgie James, The Essex Green and Camera Obscura.

Gerogie James had some interesting songs that were really thumping, but I’m not quite sure to make of the group.

I have a few songs from The Essex Green, so it was nice to hear those live and some of their other material.  The band appeared to be enjoying themselves, especially the drummer who was quite animated with his stick twirling.  That’s always a good sign… even when its another lamer crowd (when is the crowd ever going to get into a band here?).  I bought their CD so that’s another indicator that they did a good job.  I would definitely go see them again. Cute bass player too.

Camera Obscura played an nice set with a two song encore (one song being Eighties Fan, which I had not heard).  Most of Let’s Get Out of This Country was covered with a couple songs mixed in that I didn’t recognize.  They had a new CD available that I wish I had purchased (my bust).  I would go see them again as well.

Here are my crappy camera phone shots.  Apologies on the Camera Obscura one, but I wasn’t as close to the stage as I was for the preceeding bands (bathroom breaks get you).


The Essex Green

The Essex Green

Camera Obscura

~ by Genevieve on 2007.01.21.

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  1. […] because when they took the stage I realized that the bass player (Julia?) was playing bass for Essex Green when they were last here. She’s quite good and has a distinctive style of playing. It just […]

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