The answer is that there is no answer

Raise your hand if you think our President’s latest strategy is going to lead to what he labels ‘victory’? That’s what I thought. None.

And what is victory here? A democratic Iraq that can support and defend itself… one where neighbors are not at odds because they are from different sects? That would be my choice, but at this point that’s a pipe dream. If anyone thinks otherwise they are fooling themselves.

We are so messed up in Iraq that I don’t know if there is a practical solution; a solution where our soldiers come home and Iraq (and the whole region) does not disentegrate into all out war/violence. Our President got us in this mess, but he’s not going to be able to get us out. I honestly think he’s just spinning his wheels until his term of office it up, then it become someone else’s problem (with him just waiting to say “I told you so”).

Sadly this has become a lose-lose situation for us… the Iraqis… and everyone else involved.


~ by Genevieve on 2007.01.14.

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