HD-DVD and Blu-Ray

In reading any electronics/technology site its almost impossible to miss discussion on the pros/cons of HD-DVD or Blu-Ray. Frankly, neither one really interests me at all… being one who seldom sits down in front of the television. But what if this argument was really mute?

I have a dozen or so DVDs and of the one’s I care about watching I have dumped over to the hard drive. In addition, I converted those into mp4’s for the iPod. The only time I watch any of these is when I travel so does HD-DVD or Blu-Ray really benefit me in any way? No, not all (other than as a backup media).

Direct download would be my choice (sans DRM).  If I’m going to rip a DVD to the hard drive any way, why not start on the hard drive and go from there?

p.s. It appears that the choice of formats has been made… and Sony loses yet another format war.


~ by Genevieve on 2007.01.13.

One Response to “HD-DVD and Blu-Ray”

  1. Here’s an two articles that backup my conclusions o f 1- that the argument over blu-ray and hd-dvd is mute; and 2- the users want mobility.


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