Blender Bender

I’ve written about the ability to locate replacement parts on the Internet before, but I thought this was a good addition.

The blender broke the other morning when my wife was trying to make her morning smoothie.  Its a Viking Blender that’s a little over two years old (I think).  The plastic casing on the bade housing shattered (which from what I have read is not so uncommon a happening).

Anyway, I googled the model number and found one site that offered parts.  They’re on order and should be here this week.

I think its just amazing that you can take something like a broken blender, google the model# and find replacement parts.  I wonder how many people even think about this?  And by not thinking of it, how many blenders (and other similar items) end up in the land field?


~ by Genevieve on 2007.01.13.

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