Diet take one

I finally had a physical in late December. Its been 12-15 years since my last one. Not good, but I have issues with fainting (more on this in a future post) and its just not something that’s been high on my list of priorities.

Anyway, they ran me through the usual checkup. All was fine except for my cholesterol levels. The good cholesterol is where is should be. The bad is a tad on the high side. Options are either to put me on medication (the last thing I want) or alter my diet (which I am doing).

Since I’ve not really paid any attention to cholesterol in the past, I had to do a bit of googling to figure out what I could/should eat. I found the American Heart Association site useful because it broke down the restaurants by type of cuisine. For example, if I want to eat Italian, avoid the butter and cream sauces and go with marsala or marinara sauces. 

I also spent a wee bit of time checking the nutritional information for various restaurants.  Its amazing (and scary) when you drill down into the details of what you consume.  For instance at Wendy’s my single combo is out (65 mg of cholesterol).  Now its either the Crispy Chicken sandwich with no mayo (35 mg) or avoid Wendy’s entirely.  Gone are the chocolate muffins for breakfast.  Replacing them are whole wheat bagels or English muffins with jam and/or fat free cream cheese.  No more Penne All’arrabrata (pasta with crumbled Italian sausage) at Vesuvio’s.  Now its the Penne Vesuvio’s (pasta with eggplant, olives and peppers in a plum tomato sauce)… well that’s not that much of a trade-off… both are excellent.

Anyway… this is going to turn me into a quasi-vegetarian because in the end that’s the easiest way to eliminate the bad cholesterol.


~ by Genevieve on 2007.01.06.

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