Christmas shopping redux

Now that Christmas is over its time to grade my on-line shopping experiences.

Amazon – Everything I wanted was in stock. It all shipped on-time and in several cases items arrived before the estimated ship date. Grade A+.

Sundance – For once, the jewerly I wanted was in stock and available. I suspect a large part of this was due to ordering in late November versus early to mid-December. My past history with Sundance is page after page of “backordered” or “item no longer available”. Grade B. Recommendation: Reduce your shipping costs. They are way too high.

Dancing Deer – I read about this company and its cookies in Wired. Ordering was easy and the gifts arrived as scheduled. Both parties praised the cookies. Grade B+. Recommendation: When an order is placed, please send a copy of the invoice via email.

Harry and David – I have ordered from them many times and have always been pleased with the service. Grade A.

Journey’s – Absolutely how NOT to sell on-line. Web site does not indicate if items are in stock. You receive an email stating that they will begin processing your order in the next 24 hours which includes verifying your CC, checking inventory, and so on.

So what went wrong:

– Ordered a Fossil watch.
– Received email indicating what I mentioned above.
– Emailed to check status. No reply.
– Called. I was told that the watch would not arrive in time for Christmas. After much discussion and hold time I am told that they have located the watch and that it was shipping that night.
– Called again. Asked for an upgrade for overnight shipping. Repeated that the watch was located and that it would ship that night.
– Received email following morning saying that watch is on backorder and that it would not arrive until after Christmas.
– Called back and was told the same thing as in the email. SO SOMEONE WAS LYING.
– Emailed them and told them to cancel the order.
– Received email today apologizing for the delay and that my order was shipping.
– The saga continues as I replied that I had already canceled the order in a prior email.

Journey’s does not have a clue and definitely has some serious logistical and customer service issues. I would never, ever order anything from them again. Grade F. Recommendation: Hire someone that knows how to manage a catalog/on-line store and tie your inventory into your web site.

Fossil – With the Journey’s debacle I tried to find the same Fossil watch at Fossil and other sites. My first visit to Fossil showed that the watch was unavailable. Once I received the email from Journey’s stating the watch was backordered I tried searching using the item#. Magically, it showed up in Amazon. I put it in my cart at Amazon but they could not ship it in time. THEN I noticed that the watch was being shipped from Fossil. So back to the Fossil site and behold! … the watch was available AND its FREE overnight shipping.

I ordered it but since it was past 1:00pm it cost me an extra day. Panic time. I emailed and received only an acknowledgement. I called and got a busy signal. Called and called and called. Finally get through and they said it had shipped. Still panic time because I had it shipped to office and we were closing early on the Friday before Christmas. Thankfully, it did make it in time.

BTW, the watch was completely missing from the Fossil site the day after I ordered it.

Grade B (but a sympathetic “A” for coming through in time). Recommendation: Staff up for the holidays so consumers do not receive busy signals and are stuck with unanswered emails (which was finally replied to today).

~ by Genevieve on 2006.12.26.

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