Katie Rees has it made

Rita Mae Brown wrote in Rita Will:

We want a leader who is faithful to his/her spouse, rarely drinks, doesn’t smoke, never smoked marijuana, never smashed up Dad’s car, etc., etc.

Who is this person?

The most boring human being you have ever met.

Well that certainly isn’t Katie Rees, but good for her because if none of her partying antics  had come out she probably would never have been known outside of Nevada.

Once the initial debate blows over i.e. what a Miss USA contestant should or should not be, I think she will find that plenty of opportunities will come here way.

Will she be doing a “Got Milk?” commercial?  Doubtful, but assuming she has any talent she could follow the path of a previous tainted Miss America.


~ by Genevieve on 2006.12.23.

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