If you don’t like it…

… then don’t read it.

There are few things that tick me off more than someone trying to ban a book because it offendds their values… or should I say the values they think everyone else should embrace.  Because that’s what it comes down to.  They don’t like a book because it contains X, Y or Z and since they are automatically right and you are automatically wrong that is that.

Everyone should have access to any book they want with the judgement of what’s right or wrong left up to each individual (and in the case of a minor, the parents).  Just because my parents say I can or cannot read Harry Potter should have no bearing on whether you can read harry Potter.

p.s. The thing I hate worst about these stories are the kids.  I’m sure the parents love their kids and are trying to do what’s right, but they are doing more damage to their kids by making a stink than they would be if they just let the kid read the books.

~ by Genevieve on 2006.12.17.

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