Top Ten of 2006

We have entered that awful time of year when the ugly top ten list rears it’s head.

I dispise such lists, particularly when they deal with music.  Why? Because there is no way that bands that release a new CD at the end of the year (like now) can get a fair shake compared to bands who released a CD in the summer/fall AND those bands who release early in the year tend to be forgotton in favor of more recent material (it would be interesting to see some statistics on what I describe to see if I am full of sh#$ or if this is somewhat true).

To be fair all such lists should be postponed until the end of March at least to give those in the latter part of the year a fair shake.  Not sure what to do about those early birds.

H@#%, I’m still discovering bandsthat released earlier in 2006 all the while trying to keep up with what’s coming… and this doesn’t even count the material older than 2006 (thanks to the excellent Tullycraft blog).

~ by Genevieve on 2006.12.11.

One Response to “Top Ten of 2006”

  1. […] I have already mentioned my disdain for top ten lists until later in the following year (like around the end of March), but if you happen to be one of those people who wait to the last minute to purchase your Christmas gifts here are a list of CDs that everyone should have on their shelves (or on their hard disk): […]

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