Is it loyalty or just a smart move?

With the recent college football coaching firings I think it interesting at looking at who didn’t take money and run.  First, was the Rutgers coach who politely turned down Miami.  Second, it was the West Virginia coach turning down Alabama.  Loyalty was mentioned in both instances… and I am sure that played heavily into the equation… but how about it just being plain smart?

I think you have to be a complete idiot to take the Bama job.  How many coaches since 2000? 4? 5?  That’s a school that has absolutely no patience.  You either win now or you’re toast.  Shula was a good coach and he was tossed.  Someone will grab him and have themselves a gem.

I think its the same situation in Miami although I would think the brawl between FIU and Miami played into Coker’s firing.  However, its another school with no patience for losing.  Remember, Coker won a national title (if you buy into the BCS logic).

Whatever the reason, I congratulate both Schiano and Rodriguez for staying at their respective schools.  Good move guys and here’s wishing you many more victories (just not against NCSU).

~ by Genevieve on 2006.12.11.

One Response to “Is it loyalty or just a smart move?”

  1. And at the other end of the spectrum we have coaches like Dennis Erickson… see

    Place your bets on how long he will remain at ASU.

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