Does anyone other than Microsoft and the PC makers give a flip that Vista and Office 2007 have been released to the business world?  I could care less and from everything I am reading most people agree.

I have no plans to move to Vista… heck, I am still running W2K at home and it suits me just fine.  W2K lacks all the eye candy garbage of XP and runs quite well on my aged hardware.

As for Office I am running Office 2000, but it could just as well be Office 97.  Each successive version has done little to enhance my productivity.  Short of re-arranging the menus and adding so-called wizard features (that usually get more in the way than they help), what has really been improved since 97?  Not much.

I have my W2K cd, my office 2000 CD and plenty of spare PCs so I plan to remain on this version for quite some time… unless… I pull a switch.


~ by Genevieve on 2006.12.03.

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