Not where we want it to be

How many times have we heard “Our program is not where we want it to be” in the past couple of weeks?  Bunting outAmato out. Shula out and so on.  Other than Alabama, honestly, what real chance does NCSU or UNC have of winning a national championship in football?  I would say almost none.

I stated in an earlier post that I thought a 9-3 year would be great year for NCSU and I still believe that.  Same for UNC.  Would I expect that every year? No. Should we strive for better? Absolutely, but I think we need to be realistic and realize that on average we are never really going to be better than a 8-4 or 7-5 team.  The odds are just not with us nor is the college national title system i.e. the BCS.

Wake had a great year at 10-2 in the conference, but look at their history.  Its not pretty. If they had gone undefeated would thy have played for the national title?  I bet not.  They would have been screwed like Boise State.  And the same would have been said if it had been UNC or NCSU.

College football is not college basketball.  Basketball titles are decided on the floor.  Football titles are decided in the minds of the voters and the 1’s and 0’s of computers… both of which aren’t worth spit.


~ by Genevieve on 2006.12.03.

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