Boise State

So UCLA beat USC yesterday.  Not only did that upsets USC’s plans to play for a bogus national title — could they possibly have been looking past UCLA? — but it throws the rest of the joke called the BCS into disarray as everyone argues over whether OSU’s opponent should be Michigan or Florida.

In my opinion it should be Boise State.  OSU is undefeated.  Boise State is undefeated. Why shouldn’t the two remaining unbeatens play for the title?  Because this is college football, where logic doesn’t apply… only money and tradition.

Can’t have someone like Boise State playing for a title.  They’re not a traditional football power and they don’t come from one of the “power conferences”… which is just complete bulls@#$.

Of course we all know a tournement would resolve the Michigan/Florida debate and most likely give Boise State an opportunity to play for the title, but its not going to happen… not any time soon.  Too much money involved and too much of that “tradition” crap.

So sometime in the New Year OSU will play Florida for the national bogus title.  Hooray. Hooray.  If Boise State wins its bowl game and OSU loses, the folks from Idaho will have won it in my mind, but they will only be left to shake their heads and wonder what’s wrong with this stupid system.

p.s. I say Florida only because 1- Michigan did not play this week which means they are not in the voters mind; 2-for those who do remember the Wolverines, they will remember that they have already lost to OSU this year; and 3- other than the Wolverines who really wants to see them play again?


~ by Genevieve on 2006.12.03.

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