Alaskan Amber Ale

My all time favorite beer is Alaskan Amber Ale, which I quaff as much as possible when I am in Seattle.  I have tried to purchase it on-line and in the stores here, but either it wasn’t available or the shipping costs were too outrageous.  I even tried working through my local wine/beer store, but the store’s distributor said AAA was not shipped east of the Mississppi (which broke my heart).

I’m now happy to report that I have 4 bottles cooling o’so nicely in the fridge.  So how did I come by these 4 glorious bottles?

One of my co-workers, who has a fondness for sampling different beers (much as I do).

A week or so ago he received an email inquiry about one of our divisions shipping some tequila from point A to point B.  We were joking about it and I told him if they do see if they will ship me some AAA.  We laughed, but he thought about it some more and replied to the email asking about the possibility.  They directed him to a web site, Liquid Solutions.

He ordered. They shipped.

He plopped the box down on my desk this past week.  I was completely surprised and as you might imagine, quite pleased.

Thanks HB.


~ by Genevieve on 2006.12.03.

29 Responses to “Alaskan Amber Ale”

  1. Greetings from Alaskan Brewing!

    Thank you for your kind words regarding Alaskan Amber. We understand how frustrating it is for fans outside our distribution area to not be able to readily obtain our beer! Because of the dedication you and your co-worker have shown, we’d like to send you each an Alaskan Amber tee shirt.

    Please provide me with your sizes and a mailing address and I’ll get them out to you!

    Thanks again for your support of Alaskan Brewing Co.



  2. WOW! I never expected this… you do have a great, great beer and it is my absolute favorite.

    And its greatly appreciated. I was having a really bad day until I received your post.

  3. genewickerjr
    I must say, when I started to read your words, I felt like deja vu. My last trip to Seattle was for my buddy Thomas’s wedding. At his event, I drank that fine brew all day. Ice cold, refreshing and tasty. Perfect! Anyway I have included a picture to remind me of that fine day on my buddy Thomas’ site.

    Thanks Thomas for being a gracious host. thanks Gene for the site. I will absolutely check it out.

    (I don’t mean to ride your coat-tails but i just wanted to let you know there are others out there hankering for that beer.)

  4. I great to run across a fellow admirer of the Alaskan Amber… I’m already planning my trip to Seattle in July and you can be guaranteed that my first meal will include a couple of drafts of this fine brew.

  5. […] less than a year ago, I’ve had a couple of interesting e-mails about my posts, including one that supplied me with a free t-shirt (thank you very […]

  6. I just came back from a 13 day visit around central Alaska. I had my first draft of Alaskan Amber on June 10, 2007 at the Alaskan Salmon Bake in outside of Denali National Park and fell in love with it. I had two pints with every lunch and dinner meal after that. I was looking around the internet to see if it’s anywhere in my area and ran across this site. I’ve had no luck of course finding the ale here. I live in South Florida. I have friends in Anchorage and will see if I can get them to send me a couple of cases.

  7. You can purchase it online from The price of the beer is pretty good, but the shipping costs are pricey.

  8. I used to live in Anchorage and reluctantly moved back home to Tennesee a few years later. It has been eight long years without an AK amber (except for fishing trips in summer and Iditarod in winter). I have been trying feverishly to import the beer to Nashville without any luck. Last week, my wife and I were in Vegas and lo and behold a restuarant with AK amber. I was so happy to have that great beer grace my lips! I bought a 6 pack to bring home, but only made it home with 4. Two did not make the flight due to breakage. At least the 4 are chilling in my fridge for that special occassion that I can savour it. I am grateful to finally find that I can have it shipped to Tn.

  9. There are 2 great american beers. Alaskan amber ale and Deschutes black butte porter!!!

  10. blood is thicker than beer. my bro is now my distributer, he can make the amber come to NM. Need an Alaskan hand.

  11. Alaskan Amber Ale Saw my first bottle in the SeaTac Airport on my way to the 49th two summers ago on my only trip there. Was delicious every where I tried it which was everywhere in Alaska. Tried to get some back home, but unsuccessful because of excessive shipping costs. With the influx of tourists who have visited the Great Northwestern, was hoping that it could become moe available in the lower 48. Where can I at least order a tee shirt? Thanks, Ben

  12. Go to and then visit the Gear Store.

  13. I was up in Alaska a couple of weeks ago. I went to participate in the Maryors Mid-Night Sun Marathon. This was my first trip to Alaska and my first time tasting such a great beer. I am not much of a beer drinker, but I do like my amber beers once in a while. Needless to say, all I had with lunch and dinner every day was a nice cold AAA. Now I’m back in So. Florida and I am trying to find a way to get some shipped here. I would love to get some as an anniversary gift for my boyfriend.

  14. I do believe there are online stores that will ship to most anywhere, but you will pay a premium for shipping. My experience is that the shipping will be more than the price of the beer.

  15. I had my first taste of Alaskan Amber Ale on draught while dining at a restaurant on the Oregon coast this June. It was superb! Afterwards, I went to a local grocery and stocked up for the rest of my stay. Now I’m back in the summer heat of Oklahoma craving a nice, frosty mug of Alaskan Amber (and no one around here carries it). Wah!

  16. We visited Alaska in 2004. Every year since then we have treated ourselves to a case of Alaskan Amber. Every year the shipping charges have increased. This year it will cost over $50.00 to ship it, and $37.20 for the case. This year will have to be the first year that we can’t treat ourselves. Great beer, we’ve gone to great lengths to get it,sans any tee shirts, but Liquid Solutions shipping is just too high. :(

  17. The shipping charges are the only reason I do not order the Amber online. The amount is just too damn much.

  18. $3.63 for an Alaskan Amber all the way in Michigan. SOLD! I am an Alaskan Born and Raised. I moved here two months ago and have been searching high and low and have spent way more then I want to think about trying to find a comparable beer. I have driven from one end to the other visiting local brewers trying to find that lip smacking goodness only to be left looking at the bottom of an unworthy glass. I have spent way more in a bar for way less so if 4 bucks buys me peace, what a small price to pay. And as I sit here drinking my Amber Lager from one of many Michigan Beer Companies, I log back into Liquid solutions and smile at my order number and twitch with anticipation. God Bless America and The Alaskan Brewing Company

  19. Does Trader Joes sell Alaskan Amber?

  20. No idea, but if they do its still my understanding that you will not find it east of the Mississippi.


  22. I live in South Florida…i went to Alaska this summer and found Alaskan Amber…I am really not a beer drinker and I can only drink one at any one sitting…(I am such a lightweight) but I decided since I was in Alaska, I would try the local fare…I LOVE Alaskan Amber….so I had one every chance I could. My last Alaskan Amber was a week ago on the way home in the Seattle Airport….I miss my Alaskan Amber….any chance you could find a distributor in South Florida…nothing else even comes close to the taste of the best ale in the world!!!!

  23. I live in South FL, also. Went to Alaska last year for a cruise tour and drank Alaskan Amber every chance I could. Best beer EVER! I ordered once from Liquid Solutions and all bottles arrived intact. Pricey, but I agree that it’s less still than you would pay for a beer while at a restaurant. Well worth it to me.

  24. I, too, fell in love with Alaskan Amber. Drank as much as I could while there last month. I will check Liquid Solutions but sure wish I could buy it locally. I live in Sarasota, Fl. Any chance we could ever get it locally???

  25. Just got back from Alaska and couldn’t get enough of the Alaskan Amber, only wish there was a way to get some in MI. Any suggestions?

    • Its been a while since I checked, but my understanding is that they do not ship east of the Mississippi. However, there are some online stores… from what I recall… that do. The downside is that the shipping costs are usually outrageous.

  26. I was in Alaska recently and loved Alaskan Amber.
    Problem is I live in Australia and can’t find anywhere that sells it here!
    Anyone know how i can get AAA to Sydney, Australia?

  27. I found this blog as I was surfing the internet looking for a place to order Alaskan Amber for delivery in Florida. It’s good to know I’m not alone in my search for Alaskan beer east of the Mississippi. I had my first taste of the beer at the end of Aug this year (2011) when I went on a cruise there. When we were docked in Juneau, my brother & I were suppose to go on a helicopter tour but it was cancelled due to weather. So we wandered around the port there & found the Alaskan Brewery Store. They didn’t offer samples or beer – it was just their gift shop at the port but they offered a van ride to their brewery for a few bucks. We had nothing better to do since it was raining anyway, so we paid for the van ride & went to the brewery where they had free sampling. We were allowed to have up to 6 samples but, oh my goodness, the samples were probably at least 6 oz & after I’d sampled a few I lost track of how many & so did the guy passing out the samples! Let’s just say I felt very relaxed on the way back to the port. The beer I liked the most, of course, was the Amber so I bought a whole case (24 bottles) for $24+tax! I wish I could have bought more now that I see how much it is for shipping to order from someplace online. I was the only one in our tour group to buy any beer & my brother thought I was crazy to try & get 24 bottles of beer thru 2 flights back to Florida. I packed them very well & I even saved the case it came in! I lined the bottom & sides of my suitcase with my winter jacket for padding, then I wrapped each bottle in clothing, then over the top of them all I laid a small fleece blanket I had brought in case I got cold on the plane. Then on top of the blanket I laid the flattened beer case for extra protection. They all just barely fit in my suitcase, so even if I had wanted to buy more, I couldn’t have transported them home. When I got home I unpacked the flattened beer case first & taped it back together then one-by-one I unwrapped each bottle & put them back in the case, hoping as I unwrapped each one that there would be no cracks. And to my utter surprise every single bottle made it home safe! I was thrilled & my brother was amazed. But now I’m down to only 4 bottles left. So I’m searching the internet for how to get more. It’s not looking like I’ll be able to get anymore because shipping is so much. I guess I’ll have to wait until I’m able to travel to a state out west that sells it or better yet, make another trip to Alaska.

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