And the console winner isn’t


I am not a video games person. Never have been. Its just not the way I want to spend my free time.

So why post about consoles? Well, its hard not to ignore all the press about the ps3 and wii, especially when you have people being shot while waiting in line.

Any way, after reading several reviews of both its pretty obvious that the ps3 is a $600 dud. Granted, the reviews of the graphics have been great, the rest of the console is pretty much a loser. On the otherhand, the $250 wii is getting rave reviews from people who are not necessarily fans of video games (untapped market=big sales).

I wonder how many of those frantic folks trying to purchase a ps3 actually have any idea what they are purchasing?  I am sure the hardcore gamers do, but your average mom and pop?

To many parents I’m sure the ps3 is the “gotta have Christmas toy”, but after reading the reviews I would spend $250 on the wii and use the other $350 for other gifts (and still be a winner come Christmas day).

~ by Genevieve on 2006.11.24.

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